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Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R Mac Duggal 61041R
Mac Duggal 61041RMac Duggal 61041R
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Mac Duggal 61041R


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Mac Duggal 61041R dress leaves much to be desired. The lace bodice flowing into a sheer skirt allows for glamour, elegance, and enticement. Small cap sleeves modestly cover the shoulder, but the plummeting scoop back line shows off contour. With the skirt seam below the hip line, the lace torso is elongated with detail. Lined with mesh material for stability, the lace is seductive while being form fitting. Color choice of black, white and red, open this dress up for any occasion; wedding, red carpet, charity ball. Sweep your skirt to the side and strut down your asile.

Lace is versatile fabric. For this 61041R formal dress, using such a delicate fabric opens the dress up. The openness of the fabric entices and also wows. For example, this particular 2013 style has an appropriate covering in the bodice while including a slightly more open cleavage line and low rib openings. These areas, although covered with a lining, create a truly feminine design. The bow of the neck line leaves room to accessorize with a tight necklace of complimentary coloring and sizing compared to the lace. The short sleeves leave the wrists and fingers begging for attention.

Cascading to the skirt, the fabric dramatically shifts. No longer lace, but just as glamourous. This sheer, light weight fabric moves in the breeze and follows your every step. Don't let the length steer you away, take a swirl and twirl and the fabric will lay perfectly down past your legs to your landscape. Its sheerness again adds to the extremely feminine quality of the garment. Who doesn't like a little see through? And the slit, oh the dramatic and purposeful opening over the left leg. It is down right sexy. A polished leg shining past a sheer skirt is ultimate elegance and seduction. While the opening can be exaggerated, a quick pull of one side of the skirt of another will draw attention to the flow of the skirt.

Mac Duggal 61041R Prom dress is styled ultimately for an hourglass figure, however there are many attributes that will make this dress work for any woman. First there are the shoulder caps that allow for two differences. A smaller delicate shoulder girdle will be enhanced with the lace coverings, while a broad and thick shoulders will be minimized by the downward slope of the dripping lace. The legs are another feature you can choose to accent or not. The upper leg can be completely hidden out of sigh, no lack of confidence there. However if you are feeling frisky, that slit is the perfect opportunity to draw yourself some attention. The most womanly and flattering feature of this dress is in the waist. The clever and intuitive placement of the lace openings on the low ribs and upper waist, allow all viewing eyes to be tricked into seeing an inward curve here. No matter the size of your waist, it will appear inches smaller with the cut out and definition of the lace. Thank you design!

All in all, you will be hard pressed to find an argument with the gorgeous dress. Feminine to perfection, with yards of sophistication and a hint of sultry.


  • Model: 61041R
  • Manufactured by: Mac Duggal
  • Brand New Authentic
  • Available Colors:

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Mac Duggal 61041R Reviews

This dress is soo BEAUTIFUL cant stop thinking about it.
By Yasmeen From Florida, USA
I could go on and on about this dress i love it
By Desiree From Auckland, New Zealand
one thing i could say to this dress is gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!!!!
By Iesha From California, USA
PLEASEEEE give me this dress! tried it on in stores and fell in love i need it for my uncles wedding..
By Nikki From Leeds, UK
What a fun and amazing dress!!!
By Paulina From Hobart, Australia
wow.... i am in love with this dress, red is my favorite
By Jennet from Chicago, USA